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Safety & environment

For the LITTERER Group as one of the leading companies offering building protection, the subject of safety is of central importance. This is why LITTERER collaborates very closely with trade associations, repeatedly realizing new developments in workplace safety. These are not products of the drawing board but the direct results of knowledge gained on site. All those involved are integrated in an interdisciplinary way. Intensive communication and co-ordination with the leading manufacturers of building-chemistry product systems permits the project-related employment of safety-optimized procedures and enhanced protection of the objects in question.

What once protected buildings can damage our environment today.
This is why on-the-spot pollutant analysis, work preparation together with the proper and precise implementation of the work in hand plays an important role in the work-flow. This ensures that pollutants are handled exactly as provided for by the environment-protection regulations – whether it was possible to foresee any such problems before the project started or not. The experience and dependability of those members of our staff responsible for the project create the framework conditions for people and the environment that are required.