Fire protection

As specialists for preventive fire protection, the LITTERER Group undertakes coatings to the standards of fire-resistance classes F30 to F90 in accordance with DIN all over Germany. LITTERER has many years’ experience with fire-protection work and all specialized application methods. This meets the increasing demands made on the optical appearance of surfaces.

Preventive fire protection means efficiently preventing the start and spread of fires in buildings. This involves measures which are not exactly in the main focus of those commissioning buildings and their architects because their implementation poses restrictions on ideas and visions. Precise requirements concerning the colouration and surface structure of these fire protection measures are becoming increasingly important.

Close co-operation with raw-material suppliers allows us not only to come close to meeting these regulations but indeed to fulfil them in every respect. Experiments in our laboratories or under building-site conditions precede any actual work. Adherence to the optical quality criteria often takes more time than carrying out the actual preventive measures. Expert, qualified and precise implementation is the decisive measure for your satisfaction.