Corrosion protection

Mobile corrosion protection demands top performance in matters of project planning and project management. Perfect building-site logistics guaranteeing the smooth co-ordination of the various different building tasks and sequences is the absolute precondition for successful projects. Carrying out blasting and coating work under frequently hostile conditions of cold, wind or rain present extreme challenges – for men, machines and materials.

Suspension bridges, especially cable-stayed ones, have taken pride of place in today’s bridge building. They use less material, are simpler to build, require smaller abutments and offer a wide range of architectural design possibilities. The high static and dynamic loads imposed on the wires and cables, however, call for high-quality corrosion protection, particularly because the cables are usually inaccessible.

LITTERER is one of the few companies in Germany that has specialized in this work. Many years’ experience in mobile corrosion protection, innovative solutions and well-trained specialists are the prerequisites for our position of leadership.