Building renovation

The aim of renovating a building is not only to re-establish its usable state but also to enhance the standard of life and living. It is additionally aimed at improving a building’s functionality. Renovation goes beyond maintenance and repair, often including modernization, which may necessitate adaptations in the use of the building and considerable intervention in the substance of the building. The LITTERER Group is your competent partner in all private and commercial sectors of building renovation.

Painting work

Painting work not only protects building façades from chemical and mechanical damage but also preserves the value of industrial and residential buildings. In order to achieve high-quality paintwork, LITTERER places as much emphasis on the pre-treatment of the surface as on the actual painting. To ensure that the quality remains after the paint job has been completed, LITTERER offers environmentally-friendly anti-graffiti systems.

Heat insulation

When buildings are being renovated and upgraded, painting work is frequently accompanied by energy-saving heat-insulation measures in accordance with energy-saving legislation. In implementing heat-insulation systems and carrying out concrete restoration work, the experts from LITTERER make an important contribution towards protecting our climate.

Structural strengthening

Carbon-fibre plastics (CFPs) are an innovative form of structural strengthening, offering various possibilities for re-strengthening buildings after their construction. The use of CFP laminates is recommended by their rapid, uncomplicated and also cost-favourable application. In many cases they provide an alternative to conventional strengthening measures. LITTERER is licensed to strengthen buildings by the use of adhesive reinforcement by means of CFP laminates and steel straps.