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Scaffolding erection

Niederfinow Boat Lift

approx. 16,000 square metres of corrosion protection to the steelwork supporting the trough, to the external surfaces of the trough itself and to the machinery sheds; approx.1,800 square metres of corrosion protection on the inside trough surfaces; scaffolding construction: access technology, enclosure structures and climatization; structural steelwork, repairs to steelwork; renewal of parts of the electrical installation, work on the existing galvanic installation;carpentry work to renew the tow-path gallery and the trough cladding; roof repairs to the machinery sheds.
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Motorway bridge at Düsseldorf-Flehe

Corrosion protection work on the cables, tower and on the carriageways. Special scaffolding erection work.
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Bismarck Centre, Ludwigshafen

Erection and dismantling of scaffolding at two sections. Enclosure of the scaffolding structure. Creation of a site security system to protect pedestrians. Static calculation of the supporting capacity and wind loads imposed on the scaffolding and scaffolding anchoring.
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Railway overbridge crossing the River Spree

Mobile corrosion protection. Steel construction. Track construction (superstructure work). Erection and enclosure of scaffolding. High-pressure hydrojetting.
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Main railway station at Frankfurt am Main

Mobile corrosion protection. Disposal of pollutant-laden old substances. Partial erection and enclosure of scaffolding on the steel girders and steel arches.
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Lutzenberg School, Mannheim

Creation of an access via two modular scaffolding sections with a height of up to 36 metres. Erection of an aluminium staircase structure with landings as an emergency exit. Construction of a passenger and goods lift with a capacity of 500 kg. Erection of polygonal scaffolding for work and protection around the former water container.
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Bennewitz viaduct

Corrosion protection work, on-the-spot top coating in accordance with ZTV-ING Part 4 Section 3, Sheet 87, scaffolding erection.
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Rhine bridge, Leverkusen

Removal of epoxy-resin polyethylene coating. Mobile corrosion protection of the cables and the towers. Specialized scaffolding erection. Erection of scaffolding as elevated access with a subcontractor. Traffic guidance with a subcontractor.
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Restoration work on underground line U1 “Firm Track” in Berlin

Mobile corrosion protection. Erection and enclosure of scaffolding.
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